Nose Job / Rhinoplasty

  • Major correction done by endonasal or open technique.
  • Major surgery does not give any visible scar as surgery is done from inside of the nose.
  • Surgery for shaping of nose .usually done for broad nose, depressed or elevated nose, deviated nose etc
  • Minor corrections are mostly  one-day procedure done under local anaesthesia may require one day of admission.
  • All soft tissue deformities can be done under local anaesthesia under ususal circumstances.

As the nose is in the middle of the face, the deformity of the nose is very famous and plain, and that is why Nose surgery is one of the most admired cosmetic surgery operations.

Nose surgery is a facial cosmetic procedure, generally, perform to enhance the look or recreate the nose. During nose surgery, the nasal bones are modified, or tissue is added, to improve the visual appeal of the nose. Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is also often performed to repair nasal fractures. When rhinoplasty is used to repair nasal fractures, the goal is to restore a pre-injury look of the nose. There is one more procedure for nose surgery known as Septorhinoplast. Septorhinoplasty is a related process performed for patients who also have nasal obstruction. Septorhinoplasty not only improves the appearance of the nose, but it removes any internal obstructions and stabilizes structures that may be blocking nasal breathing.