Male Breast Enlargement

  • Male breast enlargement literally means the development of breast in the male.
  • This fat doesn’t disappear even with exercise.
  • Entire surgery takes 60-80 minutes.
  • It is day care surgery, a patient can be discharged by the same day.
  • All routine activities can be resumed next day.
  • It is done with liposuction with or without subaroeolar excision.
  • There is no scar no pain.
  • Just need to avoid exercises for two weeks.

Breast Surgery helps to modify the shape and enhance the size of the breast. This Breast surgical procedure is done to make bigger an under the developed breast or a breast that has to turn into small after delivery. The size of the breast is increased permanently depending on the existing laxity of the skin of the existing breast. Get the best treatment and the best cost for Male Breast enlargement in Haryana at Usaesthetics. Male Breast enlargement is done by an experienced cosmetic surgeon.