Lip Reconstruction

  • RDeformities or loss of lip can be due to injury, burns, congenital defects or infections.
  • Various procedures or techniques like Millard’s, tennison’s, cross switchover flap, advancement flaps are used to create proper shape and functioning of the lip.
  • Other additive procedures like vermilion matching, lasers etc may have to be added.

The plastic surgical procedure has mainly two branches, aesthetic surgery, and reconstructive plastic surgery. Aesthetic surgery aims to develop the aesthetic look of a person, while plastic surgery may contain this, or just the reconstruction. Reconstructive artificial surgical procedure aims to develop task; though, it might also engage trying to estimate normal look. Reconstructive plastic surgery is often referred as simply reconstructive surgery. It is helpful in post accidents injury and as the adjuvant to tumor surgical treatment. The method does to improve dispirited, loose, or sagging lips; correct their regularity, or decrease fine lines and wrinkles around them. This is often done through injection or implant.
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