Eyelid Reconstruction

The eyelid is a slim fold up skins that covers and protects the eye. It serves as a part that keeps the face of the eye hydrated, as the transparent layer must be kept moist. The reaction of the eyelid keeps the eye protected from foreign bodies as well as produces a unique kind of oil that slows down the vanishing of the tear film.

The process of Blepharo plasty involves the surgery of both the eyelids, in which excess fat and muscle are removed from the eyelids. It is perform basically for aesthetic consideration, except it has proved to be efficient for vision in older people as their eyesight is impair due to drooping upper lids 

  • Reformation of eye lid along with its structures i.e. mucosa,  tarsal plate,  LPS insertion and overlying skin.
  • Any eye injury, burns or congenital deformity may lead to deformities of eye lid.
  • Surgeries are done usually in local anaesthesia with utmost care to prevent lid lag, ptosis and asymmetry.
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