Cosmetic surgery, usually referred to as Plastic surgical procedure involves reform the structure of body parts and cosmetic surgery field has progressed a lot in the last few decades. Due to the regular improvement in this field, media has improved its share of voice and a lot of people open to explore this opportunity. The role of good looks has become major today and cosmetic surgery is the best answer. In cosmetic surgical treatment we want to boost the individual’s positive body image leading to a better quality of life. Usaesthetics generally offer cosmetic surgery solutions which occupy functional corrections. For ex. Nose surgery – restructuring the nose, Eyelid surgery- reshaping the eyelid. Plastic surgery is the single field in medicine where art and science come together. For the aesthetic or cosmetic surgeon, perhaps the major thing is the art. Cosmetic surgery is the phase of surgery in which attention and interest are focused on the restoration and improvement of forms as well as function. The most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries are breast surgery, liposuction, Nose surgery, eyelid surgery.
Dr. Umesh Sharma is a board certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon working as a Consultant at Usaesthetics,Yamuna nagar, Haryana. He is one of the best cosmetic surgeon in Haryana with years of skill under his hands . Dr. Umesh Sharma (Cosmetic Surgeon) are very specialized with their work & provide patients good advice before they admit for cosmetic surgery in Haryana.

• Cosmetic surgery is branch of plastic surgery which is done to improve our looks.
• Cosmetic surgery can be of many kinds like the commonest in males is hair transplant and in ladies is liposuction.
• Commonest cosmetic procedures are lasers and botox.
• The range of cosmetic surgery extends from simple scars corrections to major facial surgeries like hemifacial, microsomia, browplasty, face lift etc.
• Elaborate description of procedures is detailed in their respective category.