Oral Surgery

  • Surgeries for any kind of intraoral pathology, cyst, tumor, leukoplakia or laceration
  • Usually done under local anaesthesia.
  • Healing is rapid due to moist antibacterial environment provided by saliva.
  • Lasers and electrocautry are used to make surgeries bloodless and convenient.

Tm Joint Ankylosis

  • Inability to open mouth, painful joint movement can be due to injury leading to fracture of condylar head, which may get calcified with time.
  • Interposition arthroplasty along with active and passive physiotherapy postoperatively leads to good results.

Lip Reconstruction

  • RDeformities or loss of lip can be due to injury, burns, congenital defects or infections.
  • Various procedures or techniques like Millard’s, tennison’s, cross switchover flap, advancement flaps are used to create proper shape and functioning of the lip.
  • Other additive procedures like vermilion matching, lasers etc may have to be added.

The plastic surgical procedure has mainly two branches, aesthetic surgery, and reconstructive plastic surgery. Aesthetic surgery aims to develop the aesthetic look of a person, while plastic surgery may contain this, or just the reconstruction. Reconstructive artificial surgical procedure aims to develop task; though, it might also engage trying to estimate normal look. Reconstructive plastic surgery is often referred as simply reconstructive surgery. It is helpful in post accidents injury and as the adjuvant to tumor surgical treatment. The method does to improve dispirited, loose, or sagging lips; correct their regularity, or decrease fine lines and wrinkles around them. This is often done through injection or implant.
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Nose Reconstruction

  • Nasal loss can be partial, subtotal or total depending on the amount to tissue loss.
  • Forehead flap, scalping flap, nasolabial flaps with full thickness skin grafts with or without cartilaginous framework are the various techniques to reconstruct the nasal tissue.
  • Multiple sittings are required in case of major reconstruction.

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Eyelid Reconstruction

The eyelid is a slim fold up skins that covers and protects the eye. It serves as a part that keeps the face of the eye hydrated, as the transparent layer must be kept moist. The reaction of the eyelid keeps the eye protected from foreign bodies as well as produces a unique kind of oil that slows down the vanishing of the tear film.

The process of Blepharo plasty involves the surgery of both the eyelids, in which excess fat and muscle are removed from the eyelids. It is perform basically for aesthetic consideration, except it has proved to be efficient for vision in older people as their eyesight is impair due to drooping upper lids 

  • Reformation of eye lid along with its structures i.e. mucosa,  tarsal plate,  LPS insertion and overlying skin.
  • Any eye injury, burns or congenital deformity may lead to deformities of eye lid.
  • Surgeries are done usually in local anaesthesia with utmost care to prevent lid lag, ptosis and asymmetry.
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Facial Reconstruction

  • Any traumatic, congenital or inflammatory disease can lead to deformities of face, like hemifacial microsomia, facial nerve palsy, cleft lip and palate, nasal deformities can be corrected.

Facial Fractures

  • Fracturing of facial bones like lower jaw, upper jaw, nasal bones, zygomatic, orbital, ethmoidal fractures etc can be dealt by fixing the fractures by titanium plates.
  • Usually done by intraoral, intranasal, transconjunctival approach without giving any scar at skin.
  • Recovery is usually good and complete by three weeks.

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Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Maxillo-facial surgery deals with facial fractures, facial injuries and facial birth defects.
  • Fractures may involve mandibular, nasal bone, maxilla, orbital and zygomatic fractures.
  • Soft tissue injuries may involve loss of ear, nose, lip, eye lids or any other part of body can be reconstructed.
  • In birth defects cleft lip-palate, microsomias, microtias etc are dealth.